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Your partner in ensuring, your legacy continues with minimum hassles. We are specialised firm focusing in private client needs, helping client protect their assets.

Plan now to Protect your wealth and Preserve it through generations. Asset Protection is key to long term wealth.


Customer Reviews

“He is a good listener and will ask the right questions to get the complete picture”
“His attention to detail was exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend to him any of my family and friends.”
“advice is unbiased and never prompted by a benefit to him personally or any companies he may be associated with.”
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Execute your Will


Engage with us to plan your estate beyond life.

Your legacy is more than just assets; it’s the story of your life and the security of your loved ones. Crafting a COMPREHENSIVE WILL and estate management plan is your way of preserving that legacy for generations to come. At Finawis Advisors, we specialize in helping you create a personalized plan that safeguards your assets, ensures your wishes are honoured, and minimises tax liabilities. We provide compassionate guidance every step of the way, ensuring your legacy is preserved with care and precision. Start securing your family’s future and your lasting legacy today.


Secure your wealth for your spouse and loved ones

Protect against risks

  • Long term care costs
  • Marriage after death
  • Creditors & Bankruptcy
  • Children’s Divorce
  • GENERATIONAL Inheritance tax

Will Writing

Your Legacy, Your Terms: Will Writing Simplified.

Estate Planning

Preserve Futures, Plan Today: Estate Excellence.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Empower Tomorrow: Your Lasting Power of Attorney.


Navigating Legacies: Simplifying Probate.

Preserve your wealth

Lifetime Planning

At Finawis, we believe in turning aspirations into reality. Our estate planning advisors navigate the complexities of inheritance tax and help you achieve your financial goals. Whether it’s growing your investments, securing your retirement, minimizing tax liabilities, or preserving wealth for generations to come, we’re your trusted partner. Our expert team combines financial wisdom with personalized strategies, ensuring the plan works for you. Let’s embark on this journey to build for future generations


Mastering Taxes, Maximizing Returns.

Asset Planning

Strategize, Grow, Secure: Your Asset Planning Partner.


Inheritance: Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future.

Protect your future

Lasting Power of Attorney

Empower Your loved ones and make it easier emotionally and practically to manage your affairs

  • You choose someone you trust to manage your affairs and make decisions for you.
  • You can provide your attorneys with guidance as to how you wish them to make decisions for you.

Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that enables you to appoint one or more persons to manage and make decisions about your property and financial affairs and your health and welfare, if you are unable to do so yourself in the future or if you were to find it difficult to do so in the future.

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