Finawis Advisors is a specialised firm focused on end to end Estate Planning solutions

Estate planning goes beyond the standard Will and addresses the following:  

  • finding a way to pass on your assets to the next generation in a most tax efficient manner – Inheritance tax planning. 
  • protecting your wealth from threats such as Divorce Settlement, Long Term Care fees, Creditors and Bankruptcy, Generational IHT and Marriage after Death in the hands of the beneficiaries
  • protecting your interests if you lose mental capacity to do so in the future via a lasting power of attorney (LPA) to give someone you trust, the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf relating to our health treatment or financial matters.  
  • Succession planning for business and personal assets – options on family office/multi-office 

Pavan Nagori, is an ex-senior partner of a SRA regulated Solicitor firm and a senior banker.  He brings expertise and high ethical standards expected of both these professions into this industry. Pavan is STEP* Affiliate and STEP Certified Will Writer (  and a full member of the Society of Will Writers (   Finawis Advisors is governed by their rules and we are Will Writing and Estate Planning specialists – not just legal ‘general practitioners’.