Finawis Advisors provides bespoke Will Writing service tailored to you. We discuss your situation and guide you through the process of creating a valid Will that meet your needs via a simple will or a more comprehensive solution. 

Our Estate Planning Advisors are qualified members of STEP and Society of Will Writers who are committed to providing you with excellent services. 

What is a Will? 

A valid will is a legally binding document that records your wishes to be followed after your passing. Your executors, the people you choose to manage estate distribution, then manage your estate in accordance with the wishes mentioned in your will. 

Why is it important to have a will? 

A Will comes with its own advantages, some of them being: 

Avoiding consequences of intestacy 

Intestate is when someone dies without a will and his estate is pre-defined by legal rules and NOT as he may have wished. This process can take long while your loved ones may struggle during this time and not receive what he would like them to have. 

Securing your loved ones 

Having a Will, protects your loved ones as well as your assets. It also allows you to specifically exclude someone benefitting from your estate and if you choose that, we will protect your wishes with our Will Clarity Statement to protect against I(PFD) A 1975 rules). 

Appointing guardians to ensure your children are looked after  

Through Will, you can appoint guardians for your children, making sure they are well looked after and cared for by people you trust. Otherwise, it is likely that your children may be cared by someone unknown or even sent to the care system. 

Possible Threats to your estate 

There are several threats to your estate that could result in the value of your estate being reduced or completely eradicated. The short video details the 5 main threats to your estate. 

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FAQs - Last Will and Testament

  • Can I write my own Will?

    Yes, you can write your own Will. It should be only done when your wishes are simple like leaving everything to partner.

    However, you must seek professional advise if you are trying to reduce your Inheritance Tax bill, or own a property abroad, or have foreign investments or bank accounts, or you have people financially dependent on you.

  • How can I store the Will safely?

    Never store your Will in a bank safe deposit neither bank can access it nor can your executer until Probate is granted, and Probate cannot be granted in the absence of Will.

    We strongly advise that once the Will is made, it should not be kept in home environment as it can get damaged due to theft or loss.

    You can take advantage of our Secure Storage Facility for a small annual fee. You can access your documents free of charge at any time, upon written request and surrender of your Storage Certificate. We can advise you other options as well.

    Once you have decided how to store the Will, we recommend informing your executor about its storage and how to access it.